Quantum Rooms


60 minutes for the challenge !

You can come with your friends, colleagues or family, and enjoy an experience while being immersed in an atmosphere full of emotion, adrenaline and susprises ! We invite you to discover in Clamart (20 minutes from Paris) our original games : The Time Travel and The Sheriffs' Investigation, for a team from 3 to 8 players !

Dr Cortex is a brilliant scientist. He has found a way to travel through time, secretly transforming his home into a system in order to make leaps of some years in the past or in the future. But his carelessness makes him a prisoner of time ! Fortunately for him, you are passing and the scientist had anyway intended to leave some clues so you can find it in his time, then set both of you free ! Will you be clear-sighted enough to outwit the time ? Or will the time mock you ? An immersive experience, an original gameplay where the slightest mistake could cause a time warp and lead you to loss.
Lors d'une visite habituelle au Saloon, le shérif Thomas Fisher ressent une atmosphère inquiétante. Bang ! Le shérif a disparu. Aucun témoin ne veut parler. Que s'est-il passé ? La ville n'a donc plus personne pour faire régner la paix. De nombreux candidats vont se presser sur les lieux, mais vous êtes les premiers. Vous avez 60 minutes pour mener l'enquête. Serez-vous les prochains shérifs ?