Quantum Rooms


60 minutes for the challenge !

You can come with your friends, colleagues or family, and enjoy an experience while being immersed in an atmosphere full of emotion, adrenaline and susprises ! We invite you to discover in Clamart (20 minutes from Paris) our original games : The Time Travel and The Sheriffs' Investigation, for a team from 3 to 8 players !

Dr Cortex is a brilliant scientist. He has found a way to travel through time, secretly transforming his home into a system in order to make leaps of some years in the past or in the future. But his carelessness makes him a prisoner of time ! Fortunately for him, you are passing and the scientist had anyway intended to leave some clues so you can find it in his time, then set both of you free ! Will you be clear-sighted enough to outwit the time ? Or will the time mock you ? An immersive experience, an original gameplay where the slightest mistake could cause a time warp and lead you to loss.
At ClamarTown, Sheriff Fisher, respected by all, enforces the law with hard conviction. In the saloon of his city, he's a poker master. But during his last game, things go very bad... Bang ! The sheriff collapses while the crowd runs away from the saloon. Not far from the city, your gang, thirsty for justice, comes to investigate. Who was after the sheriff ? Can you lift the veil on this dark affair before outlaws come to dominate the city ? An unprecedented western experience in Ile-de-France, focused on a multiple choice scenario.